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A while in coming, this album is a collection of songs, all completely unrelated to each other.
My next album will be released any time between February 2015 and September 2015. Between that time i plan to release many single tracks and songs, but expect little activity as i am passing through a period of exams, and i will be unlikely to give my internet presence the attention it could do with over that time.
In this album i used no acoustic instruments. Everything has been recorded via midi directly into a DAW. My next album will be very different, involving use of my saxophone, which i can now record properly, and classical guitar.


released January 10, 2015

All songs, sounds, etc. by The Intelligence Division. Some open-source (CC) samples etc. used.
Software used:
Air Music Tech Ignite
Image-Line FL Studio (Demo) and attached/integrated plugins
Ableton Live 9 Lite
Sibelius 7 Student
Oddly Organ
Kontakt Player 5
Synth 1
Bellatrix-Orchestral sf2
Some samples from soundbible.org on track 9.

All non-acoustic/sampled instruments were recorded completely on an Alesis Vortex midi Keytar



all rights reserved


The Intelligence Division England, UK

I am a classical guitarist who composes and produces.

I also play saxophone, and sometimes I get together with friends and record things.
I like to write lyrics and poetry and I enjoy 8-Bit music.

I appreciate all constructive comments - see contact box below.

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Track Name: I Am Coming
I’m not there
Yes it’s really unfair,
Please don’t stop and glare
I am coming

Don’t look at me
In your killing spree
Please don’t duck, hide or dodge,
I am coming
I am coming to help
For you and everyone else
I can’t tell how you felt
Dammit I’m coming!

It’s not in favour of myself
Don’t leave me for someone else
I honestly am I honestly will
Dammit all I’m coming!
Track Name: Powder My Face
Powder my Face
Powder my face
Powder my Face
Burn My Face

Now shut up, horse
Horse, now shut up
A little too much.
Horse, Shut up,
Just shut up
Shut up.

Powder my face (a little too much)

Powder my Face
Powder my face
Powder my Face
Burn My Face
Track Name: I Get to Choose When You Die
I’m not a big fan of
Eating out
sleeping on the couch
With my shirt hanging out

I don’t really want to
Sing dance or cry,
But I’ll kill you
And give no reason why

You may be a fan of
Big Guns
But I’ll get you one day
And then I’ll slit your throat.

You may think you’re
Dead smart
With your sock and sandals
I Get to choose when you die.

I don’t ever kill
For the money or the fun
Just so i can say
How easily I won

You can call me Jack
Like I’m sure they all do really
It’s not my real name
It’s just the name that befalls me.

One day in the future
They’ll still not know my name
I’ll be dead by then
So to me it’s all the same
Track Name: Mole's Lament
Tunelling, tell me why
i can't fly.
Track Name: 'W'
In the late hours of the afternoon
We sat and talked of the sunset
Of the inevitable, The Race for survival
The destruction of the Jungle
And the divinity of music and rhythm

With no thoughts on our minds to the past
And very little to ourselves,
We wasted the last days of summer
Talking of blended attitudes
Of hoovered up bits of philosophy,
Opinionated attitudes,
The thoughts of greater minds than hours
In homage to those who came before us.

As she sat next to me,
Her hand on mine,
We waited until sundown
Before climbing back into the car
And taking the dusty trail home.